You Need Jesus

by Testimonee

As I Walk Daily With My Bread Of Life
Contemplating On How To Handle This Road Of Strife
Self Misery And Which Should I Be
Without Stepping On Toes
And Ruining The Egos Of Gathered Souls
Never A Mishap Of A Slap To Rebirth A New Beginning
At A Lost Of Ways Of What He Has For Us
I Raise My Hand To Show Of Attendance And One Simple Response
You Need Jesus

Who Am I And Who Shall You Be Giving And Letting Go
To Those Who Think They Know, While Yelling Amens And Responding With
For Sho For Sho
Lord Give Me Wisdom And I’ll Take A Bowl A Peace
Along With A Cup Of Grace And Let It Smother All Over My Face
But Go Ahead And Pass Me A Plate Of Mercy So I Can Taste And See Your
Tender Passion You Have For Me
Yet While We Are On The Subject Go Ahead Sublet A Spoon Full Of That Faith
So I Can Stand Strong And Run This Race
I Promise I Won’t Be Fake And Hate And Regulate Over My Neighbors Plate
Cause I Know You Have Many Blessings Instore For Us
You’ll Never Play Us Nor Reject Us
Wait! Somebody’s Not Listenin! They Havn’t Caught On
Yet Your Love Is So Contagious
Um! Um! See Some Of Yaw, Us, Them, They, We, You, Me, He, She,
Still Needs Jesus

Okay Landlord Knockin At Your Door—Who Do You Call On
No Lights Nor Heat Just A Portion Of Food To Eat—Who Do You Fall On
I Ain’t Touched You Yet!
Alright Bet!
Baby Daddy Left You With All Them Kids
Baby Mommma Don’t Know Which One Is His
Embarassment And Shame Has Yet To Claim
Another Of Our Juvenile Victims Who Lay With This, This, This And That
Caught Something And Now You Can’t Even Give It Back
Remove Those Hands From Those Lips
As If You Didn’t Know Now You Tryin To Flip
Open Up Those Muffled Ear Drums
And Remove Those ‘I Don’t Want To Hear This’ Plugs
Cause Some Of Yaw Got Him, But You Still Need Jesus

We Need Him In Our Hearts, Mind, Bodies, And Souls
To Trust And Believe In Him Should Always Be Our Number One Goal
We Should Have Already Met Yet We Wait
Goin’ Back To Contemplate
Now You Decide You Want To Think Things Thru
Yet Realize You Should Have Been Runnin’ With His Crew
Instead You Say I Get At Ya Next Time
Knowin Good And Well We All Lyin
See Everything He Did, He Did For Us
Died On The Cross---He Did It For Us
Shed His Blood On Calvery---He Did For Us
Let Them Pierce Him In His Side---He Did For Us
They Spit On His Precious Body—He Did For Us
Even Knew Judas Would Kiss Him On His Cheek—He Did That For Us
Even As His Disciples Denied Him—He Still Hung For Us
Now We Have That Right To That Tree Of Life---He Did It For Us

As We Stare And Glare And Wonder Where Did Our Blessings Come From
Yet I Feel So Compeled To Tell You It Wasn’t Out Of Box Of Cracker Jack’s
Or Bazooka Joe’s Gum
It Was Our Saviour Who Needs Us To Reach Others That Are Far And Close To
That Yesterday, Everyday, Tomorrow, And Any Day
We All Need Jesus

You Need Jesus by Testimonee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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