Corner Man

by Sherre'-D'Lon

Out there doin' what he knows best
Preeaachin'! His sermons of
The symbolic nature of our being
Dancin'to that tune of melodic off-beats
That is only his inner-ear
He whispers his,"skit-skit-skitity-skat-skat"
But daaamn!...why can't we hear that!
Corner man!
Out there tellin' what he saw that cop
Do to that black dude
But was paid with a plate of food...
(they knew he was hungry)
To keep him quiet or he could pay a price
With his life
Corner man!
Passin' out his hellos & see ya laters
And complimenting his sistas
To remind us that we are always beau-ti-ful
By tipin' his hat and mimickin' his 
"looka here!looka here!looka here!"
And to the brothas, emerging them to
Keep their heads up and "man pull those 
Britches up"
Corner man!
Sellin' his knowledge for free
"no need to check my inventory", he says
"what I know sleeps in my mind
And is awakened by my dreams
Corner man!
So the next time you see your "corner man"
Hi-five him!
Tell him to keep his head up
And while you're standin' in line
To get your grub on
Make his belly full as well
Yeah!, We could do that!
He say's that he's just waitin' 
For his time
But tells you to live for your time....
That's My Corner Man!!!!

Corner Man by Sherre'-D'Lon

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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