Christ Is Not Sale

by Testimonee

 I see him everywhere I go
Just hanging out in so many stores just chillin' in the front window
Just the other week I was going down the street
And to my surprise a view was caught by my eyes
Christ's head was bobbin' and weavin' 
while swaying on top of somebody's dashboard
I had to stop in my tracks and take a step back 
cause the vision in front of me struck a serious chord
In my mind I just couldn't explain to the brain the concept 
that had rejected the reflection of what this person viewed Christ to be
As I inhaled my thoughts and tried not to judge 
the image of the individual's own simplicity
Trying to mask and cover up with this invisible veil
With questions in my heart I couldn't relate 
and never perpetrate that Christ is not for sale
Flippin through my channels rising upon the hour of midnight
Oh! You thought I wasn't goin to say nothin' 
about those spirit filled preachers on Saturday nights
Yea Right!
On one channel all I needed to do 
is send in a love offering of a thousand dollars
And in return I'll receive a 2 second prayer, 
a half-ounce bottle of cooking oil, 
and a piece of somebody's curtain as my prayer cloth...
no thank you I'll holla!
So I switched to another station trying to find an area of relation
To combine the speaker's thoughts with mine and trying not to go blind
From all the diamonds, rubies, saphhires, 
cluttering up his left pinky all the way to his right one
See I didn't want to miss what he was sayin 
I was attemptin to follow his message about salvation
But now he's moved on with how to prosper in my finances
and how I should own larger home and drive a newer car 
Not knowing that what I have is what I've already been blessed with
See now he's speakin in some kind of tongues and has gotten off the subject
I could have been a lost soul wonderin which way to go...
now here's another sermon Ima' have to reject
Now don't get me wrong yes I want to move on 
and reach every blessed written down goal
But what profits a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul
I'm not judgin just tryin to gain more knowledge 
of how to live right for the times I know I'm gonna fail
But you must know you gotta know that Christ is not for sale
Okay I'll be done in a minute but this version I cannot surpass it
W W J D don't play with me you what that means
What would Jesus Do?
Sit down listen to this lesson I'm gonna have to enroll you back in school
Tell me how many more miracles would he have to perform
For you not to say what would he do but rather L W H D for look what he's done
Did he not give sight to the blind, 
heal the woman with an issue of blood, 
gave Moses the power to stop Pharaoh with the overpowering flood
Or how about the thousands that were hungry and needed to be fed
And without further ado once again he came through 
with 2 fish and five loaves of bread
We could be here all day naming the blessings upon blessings upon blessings
He has sent our way
But let's not forget why he died on the cross
A reason so true to believe in so that our souls wouldn't be lost
So before you purchase your next replica of our savior
Remember these few words that I tell ya
It's okay to represent him with a sincere heart-with an open mind 
A love for him so grand it's hard to compel
Yet the price of his life was not to endorse with a tag for 
Christ is not for sale

Christ Is Not Sale by Testimonee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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