Check Your Ballot

by Testimonee

Before There Was A Presidential Election
Christ Was Our Soul Leader To Gain Freedom To Salvation
Yet Now We Must Cast A Vote
To Make A Choice Of Whose In Charge In Hopes They Don’t
Mess Up And Choke
Making A Change In Todays Society
Selling Lies That There Is Something Better For You And Me
To Dangle An Extra Dollar In Front Of Our Eyes
Striking At The Poor Who Will Take A Leap At It Without Questioning
What We Will Compromise
To Gain Ahead In This World That Was Given To Us By Our Lord
Only To Turn It Into A Corporation
Allowing The Individual In His Navy Blue Suit To Do The Delagation
As I Pull Out My Pencil To Review This List Of Candidates 
I Must Pause For The Cause---To Check My Ballot
We’ve Been Exposed And Chose To Turn Our Backs On
Our Children Who Are Dying
In Our Streets For Their Brains Have Been Disected---Infected
Injected With The Medias Eclectic Attitude Of Its Okay To Disrespect
Pick Up A Gun And Through Away Your Life---Give Up The Right To Be Free
Mothers Are Laying Down Their Burdans With Any Man
For Their Morrows Have Went Out The Window
Six Months Later He Returns From A Disappearance Stating He’s Been On The Down Low
Her Life Has Turned To Turmoil For She Is Sickened Cause She’s Been Plaid
Now Three Years And Four Months Later Her 5 Daughters Are Digging Her Grave
Cause Now This Mother Has Died From Aids
Again As I Pull Out My Pencil To Review This List Of Candidates
I Must Pause For The Cause To Check My Ballot
You Say What Does This Have To Do With Politics
I Say Everything Be Quiet—Listen—And Just Sit
See They Call Bush Our Leader, Our Number One, Our Chief
Yet I Know A God With A Higher Power So My Feelings On That Is In Disbelief
A God Who Is Full Of Perfection, No Modified Formatted Version Of Rejection, 
Who Loves Me With Exceptions, Despite My Complexion, My Yearly Income
With No Perception, Of My Self Worth By The Car That I Drive Or Where I Live
You Must Check Your Ballot
My God Has The Power To Cut Through The Red Tape
Even If Im Not Invited On The Other Side Of The White House Gates
Christ Will Let You Enter Into His Pearly Gates
His Offer Is The Same Never Changes His Campaign
Eternal Life Is What You Will Forever Gain
See I’m Not A Person Of Politics—Cause They Conflict With No Reason To Be Ligit
Now Don’t Get Me Wrong Yes I Want To Move On And Reach Every Blessed
Written Down Goal
But What Profits A Man To Gain The Whole World And Lose His Soul
Now Remember As We Move From 07 To 2008
As You Are Gathering Your Thoughts For Your New Years Resolution
Wipe Away The Political Image Of Christ For It’s Full Of Pollution
Vote For Our Savior Who Has Kept Us From Harm
Vote For The One Who Doesn’t Have To Wheel Us In With His Charm
Cast Your Vote For The One Who Has Saved You From Yourself
Cast Your Vote For The One Who Loved You When It Was No One Else
Vote For My Lord Who Will See You Thru To The End
Vote For My Lord Who Is The Alpha And Omega..The Beginning And The End
Elect Jesus Christ Cause He Died On The Cross For Our Sins
I Don’t See Bush Doin’ It---He’s Still A Baby—Learning To Crawl In His Playpin
Give Jesus Your Vote For This Day Of Election In 2007
For Following His Commandments Is The Only Way You’ll Get Into Heaven
This Is Not A Game But Of Something Serious
Therefore Remember To Check Your Ballot

Check Your Ballot by Testimonee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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