The Past, The Present, The Future

by BlackMinerva

The Past

I see massa coming after me with a whip in his hand
All I can do is look cause I'm too weak to even stand
The lust burns pure red as he beats me until his manhood gets hard
No one hears my cries as massa takes what's pure out in the yard
Don't go to sleep, Don't close your eyes
You might wake up with your throat slit for forcing yourself between my thighs

The Present

Everyday the devil tries to shackle my soul with his quick tongue
If I'm not careful, i could end up with a noose around my neck waiting to be hung
Time & time again, the devil sits on his chair and mocks the way I dress or how I style my hair
But as usual the devil aka Massa doesn't give a fuck and wont play fair
Waiting for you to slip onetime, no more will I be your concubine
Even from a distance, you get your nut off from fucking my mind

The Future

My crown sits high on my thick dreaded head
The time has come for my people to come together and stop the enemy dead
Kings, Queens & their seeds togther in total harmony
No more will we fight in Uncle Sam's Army
No more will the evil stench of the devil cloud my womb
No more will my Kings & Queens lay cold in a tomb
The past crippled our honor and destroyed our judgement
The present is still trying to recover what we can't forget
The future shows we are finally holding our own by staying strong to God's inspiration
And the devil can't do shit but look upon us with awe and admiration

The Past, The Present, The Future by BlackMinerva

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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