What's in Vegas

by Shcomu

I stop by Suite 702 because I want to say hello. I also want to take a headcount for the special buffet dinner tonight.

Familiar faces circle the rooms of the large suite. The Entertainer, as his friends jokingly call him, is gearing up to tell a joke from his repertoire. The men appear convivial at the get together. Away from wives, families and work responsibilities.

Eventually, my ear catches the loud laughing ruckus in a back bedroom. It’s The Entertainer once again. He is finishing a smutty joke and I catch words and phrases of it being tossed about by his audience. Next, he launches into a story about one of his favorite personalities.

“ Jesus was down at the Tidal Basin in D.C. golfing with the Mayor of D. C. and the President and some other dudes not as well-known.

It seems that when it came time for him to hit the golf ball he knocked it into the Tidal Basin. Without fanfare he walked on the water to retrieve the ball.

One of the guys, probably the President said: He must think he is Jesus.

The Mayor, always a smart-ass, retorted: He is Jesus, but He thinks He is Tiger Woods.”

After a good resounding laugh at the joke, more of the men started chiming in with other Jesus jokes. I got lost in the hoopla and fun until my cell phone rang. My supervisor.

“Burns, what the hell is keeping you? Did you find the room?”

“Yes, Sir. I was just counting and recounting to make sure, It’s so many of them. More than last year.”

"Well, spit it out. How many preachers do we have to serve liquor to and get women for this year?"

What's in Vegas by Shcomu

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