by Shani Cruz

The way things are
and how they're seen
are two different things
People who see me think 
I'm mean but eventually 
my spirit speaks
You came to me 
in a way some 
would say taboo
cause you used
not as if your 
caramel skin 
didn't entice me
but it was refreshing 
and that's what 
hooked me
There is no us
Barely an acquaintance
but somehow our souls
touch through enlightenment
I became open
not introverted
and my subconscious
wonders about this
new found depth for
someone I just met
but I guess you're
just like that and 
make it easy for me
or are we both lonely
in search of something
outside ourselves
I just want to see
a friendly face
when pain haunts me
Feelings can get

I come to you

Brutally free

in a world of
hidden motives
Know this

as long as you 
want me to be 
there for you 
That is 
my promise
There's something
about the warmth 
from a friend that
carries no judgement
A simple beauty
I want to cherish
Thoughts of you
like conversation
never ending 
and sweet
Almost felt 
guilty for sharing
parts of me
I would dream in color
Happy and you were
beside me and 
that's where you should
be but what the hell
does that mean
Anyone can take this 
too seriously
Deeming this some
sort of love poem
love forbidden
sensual pleasures
concealed as friendship
but this is about the art
of confiding in someone
and it happens to be you
I speak of

Unintentional by Shani Cruz

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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