Poetry Girl

by Shani Cruz

I can't believe
never came on Saturday
summer breeze
smile saved style
I want to reach
for a melody
Hear goodbye
in your eyes
I lay here
slanted with questions
do I
did I
waste my ink
to tattoo 
something foreign 
I can't even understand 
and I'm not a poet
I just listen deep
or sleeptalk in 3-D
Whatever man
I'm just young
not even complicated
Still hated by few
Confuse many
it's an issue
of opinion
or music
you were fed
Big brain
Small body
Big head
Big heart
Little time
to choose
tears or
Resist the
in my mind
to recite
cliche rhymes
Time to move on
Go with the flow
Just do it
so on and so on
I can't be your
poetry girl
It's draining
forcing myself
into a zone 
I can't be
I got writers' block
to push you 
away from me
I know you're happy now
Denial told me no
cause I was supposed
to spit since you gave
me words unattached
flow smooth
I taught you
you know what I like
You taught me
but I can be 
at peace knowing
your light still shines
from the clouds

Poetry Girl by Shani Cruz

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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