by Shani Cruz

Fluctuating common sense and
the pursuit of happiness 
between ditzy thoughts 
Palming stomaches with overindulgence
Licking breastbones
Squeezing brain dead orgasms
Seeping through tone deaf ears
Two minute tugs on sacred flesh
Sleepy drool
Altered gypsy gazes
Ripping blouses
Semi-sincere game 
dropped erect
Eyes wet 
Semen clogged
teasing thighs
corrupting minds 
Easily enticed
Sampling caramel
honey molasses
french vanilla 
butter toffee women
Randomly losing respect
from those who see more
I have no place to judge
but I was taught to guide 
those who I care to see rise
above minimal expectations
Regardless of their will to listen
I just want to know
Who do you think you are
How could you be so angelic
mentally challenged
Silent while I'm asking 
an honest question
Baffled I guess
it's too much
but me aside 
from most women 
I understand
I'm too much woman 
for you or this is
Be a deep paranoia 
from my youth
but I doubt it
You tell on yourself
without words or movements
It's in your spirit
I should write it off as
imprisoned emotional development
but that's bullshit
and you know it is
time to change so when
and how and why and who
else will suffer before 
you learn to love

Expletives by Shani Cruz

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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