by Shani Cruz

Last night 
was more than 
just darkness
or the endless
behind thirty
minutes cause
I wanted an 
hour or two
Whatever it takes
to know you do look
past my hips or see 
my tears cause one
year is more than
enough time to sit
and think about the
complexity of it
The passion in our 
voices shined above
any roughness
Don't understand why
we was like imprisonment
Fear of what if 
what was or what wasn't
I wasn't prepared
Speechless yet?
Everytime I drop 
something real you sweat
harder or drift farther
away as if tomorrow never
came blue and sticky 
like midnight 
Tasting so sweet
like bitter chocolate
Secretly Isis 
captive by silence
I want to make love
but what is the 
consequence behind it
Sweet nectar lingers as
reality arises like
loneliness cold
Fizzle got gone
and I can manage
being alone but will you
acknowledge your feelings
your feelings
however shallow 
or demented 
Just don't enter
with a painted face
Art is only poetry
when it highlights
inspiration cause 
what I thrive on
should not be pain
or burns
I have enough scars
and I have learned
that I have to be sure
Looking at you
I see reflections of 
what I want to be as 
my soul remains deep
inside my baby and 
that night was like therapy
but I play cool 
till morning gets
the best of me and
I decide my own destiny

Awakening by Shani Cruz

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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