by Turnice

The closer I get to you,
The more I want you.
Baby come to me.
Youíre bodyís calliní
I want to be with you.
Anytime, anyplace.

Show me.
Iím what you need.
Donít you want to make love?

How do you want it?
Tell me,
What you want me to do.
Take me, Iím yours.

Touch me, tease me.
Wrap my body tight.
This day, this minute, right now.
Itís all about you.

If you play your cards right,
This will be a night to remember.
Fire and desire,
All night long.

Itís no crime,
To feel that youíre feelin.
For all we know,
Itís the way love goes.

Nothing has ever felt like this.
The way you love me,
Make it last forever.
Shower me with your love.

If only for one night.

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