In Dreams

by Turnice

I see you giving me
The look,
That means only one thing

You begin to caress me…
Fingertips lightly brushing my lips
Moving slowly downward…
Barely touching my breasts

Soft kisses follow the path,
made by your fingertips
I lay still…
Not wanting them to end
Our lips intensely meet

In turn, I begin a path
Feather kisses down your neck
Across your chest…
Moving lower and lower

I encircle you…
Slowly moving,
Up and down
Feeling the ache that begins,
To build inside you

I move lower,
Running my tongue across your thigh
The path begins to reverse
By ascending upward
Following my initial trail,
Back to your lips

Neither one of us
Can wait any longer
I lay back and close my eyes,
Opening myself to you

We become one
Nothing can describe
The intensity of our union
It seems as though the night
Will never end

Then my eyes open
And I realize that,
It was only
A dream

I am lying in bed
Yet the dream
Was so vivid
What can I do?
To make the dream reality?

Your arms around me,
Tasting your kiss…
Feeling you, 
Inside me

I close my eyes 
So that I can be lost
In dreams of you…

In Dreams by Turnice

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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