Love Defined

by Turnice

The word
Is defined in many ways
It means different things 
To different people

Remember the first time your heart 
When looking at that special someone?
Strong attraction toward another person
Yet there is no relationship
When we are young, this is usually what we experience
Actually, this is not love
You are having your first crush

Is an intense feeling
Toward another
You begin to care 
About their feelings
Which can lead toÖ 

Strong emotions
Of excessive desire 
And longing
Your heart is in control
Passion is what you are feeling

This leads to making love
When you crave that someone
All of the time 
You think of no one else

All of these components
Are a part of the definition 
Of love
How does one know
That the feeling is real 
Not infatuation?

When you open up your heart
To love
Thatís when love will find you
Remember to love yourself 
And others will follow

Your feelings will flow
You will no longer think 
With your head
It will be all about 
Your heart

Do not be afraid
To let yourself go
When making love
Imagine it is the last time
With him or her
That way
If you ever have to look back upon it 
You can always say
The last time with that person 
Was incredible

Losing your heart
To someone else
Can be scary at times
Especially if you are unsure
How that person feels about you

Take a leap of faith
Hold your breath 
And enjoy the ride

Because if itís right
You feel it
The heart doesnít lie
Let yourself go

The infinite possibilities...

Love Defined by Turnice

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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