Feel Like Busting Loose /Peace/Piece/Peace

by Shamele Jenkins

Feel like busting loose cause somebody wants my peace
Someone wanna to take a bite outta my mind
outta my spirit
outta my soul
They done took my peace
And after talking behind my back
and calling me all kinds of names
They decided to take it - this Peace Game to the next level

Reality hits as they recreated their master plan
Having the nerve to place an emphasis on religion
while stepping onto my land and into my home
making concrete decisions that God told them to do me in
God told them to rock my world
So they come crashing in on my party
drastically disturbing my peace of mind
Divesting my body; injuring my flesh

So they were so blinded and forgot my skin color
Forget my religion and my language
and this thing called "human beings"
Forget that we kinda speak the same language even in spirit
and with vengeful and burning eyes they pierced my soul
Now they done come straight into my house
They done burnt my soul in gray ashes
And took my family apart just like Job
and they hid behind their own deaths
too scared to speak along with the essence
of my innocent family members of America
While their little god head continues to tell lies
and hides in disguise
telling his terrible lies of innocence

So I must you see
I really do believe
I gotta bust loose
Gotta kick some behind
I'm not hungry thanks to you
Guess whose coming to dinner

I'll try not to kill the innocent
but I'm sure they'll be in the way
They can holler out for God and everyone else
But none the less
My American Azz will stomp them like trash
Done made me go beyond mad
They've dethroned my nobility
and attempted to destroy my humility
Feel like busting loose
So if I get their entire Arab family too
leaving a giant whole in the bucket

Excuse me please world
It's a red, white, blue, green, black and white thang

It's WAR ya'll

Feel Like Busting Loose /Peace/Piece/Peace by Shamele Jenkins

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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