Obama Are You The Real Deal?

by Rodney Russ

Obama: Are you the real deal?

Obama, Are you the real deal

Or Just another lying, two bit, blood sucking, politician

Are you a black man

Committed to the struggle with a plan in hand

Or are you a white politician, Watermelon man

Imprisoned in a black man's body

Your record is very spotty

Your political flip flop

is watered down hip hop

Are you just another honorary white Uncle Tom

Playing us for fools

Expecting bigger crumbs from the corrupt plates

You and your kind eat from

While your people die a million deaths, rotting

What about the troops who die

You plan to leave them eating

From a poisoned apple pie

To get elected you'll leave them in Afghanistan and Iraq

To keep the corporations off your back

As the vampire corporations feed

Many more troops will bleed

Blood for oil

As long as it's not on America's soil

Obama, if you were a black man

Instead of an honorary Klansman

You'd follow in footsteps of the men who died for you

Who were just, honest, and true

Better men than you

Who spoke their minds

And paid the heavy fines

Malcolm X

Medgar Evers

Fred Hampton

"A man who want die for something is not fit to live."

Martin Luther King said

You won't die for the cause

You won't even pause

To speak the truth

Revolutionaries die fast

While, Uncle Toms Fly First class

If you're not willing to lie your life down

Then you're just another token clown

A waste of time

Not worth a dime

You talk of change

While your community gets the same

You talk of change

But say the same things

Your people are invisible as dew

Your conservative, flip flopping, corporate cause ain't true

Will the real Barrack Obama please stand up

Obama, you're nothing more than White supremacies greatest tool

You cannot fool

Corporate America's secret weapon

Racisms' scapegoat

Ready to cut black America's throat

And you'll be holding the knife

Bigger foil than Barney Fife

The corporations own your soul

You're on their pay roll

Future president

Obama, you're America's dream

A black man with no spleen

Obama Are You The Real Deal? by Rodney Russ

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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