Nigger Personality Disorder (NPD)

by Rodney Russ

A nigger is an anti-intellectual
A person of little knowledge outside of his everyday existence
He is threatened by knowledge and sees it as a threat to his survival
A nigger lacks integrity and trust worthiness of any kind
Honesty is merely a vessel of the weak
A barrier which stands in the way
Of his jaded progress
A nigger is conceited, self entitled individual
His opinion of himself is overstressed
Usually motivated by his economic
And social standing to a lesser degree
His stature of fashion sense
A nigger feels that all who lacks
The same derived petty bourgeois sequel values
Is beneath him or her and not worthy
Of the smallest amount of pseudo
Respect and admiration
In short he is a pseudo bourgeois
Of the highest caliber
A nigger is without self awareness
A walking contradiction
Therefore he is only able to see the flaws in others
Even though in many cases he shares the same
Identifiable challenges.
A nigger succumbs to peer pressure
Similar to that of an adolescence
His feelings about himself are measured
By how others see him
If a person fails to kiss his posterior
He feels a certain level of bitterness, resentment and rage.
A nigger cannot accept being held in
The highest esteem by others
Whom he views are not on par with himself
Respect to a nigger is a certain code of conformity which he sees as normal
If a person were to experience personal growth
Thus deviating from the pattern
He is to labeled a sellout.
A threat to the society as a whole.
A nigger is like an old southern aristocrat who fears change
A nigger knows the power of words and how they
Can be used to manipulate the psyche of a person
With lesser self esteem
A nigger is a manipulator, a constant gossiper
a control freak who will do whatever in his power
 to keep a controlling grip on a person he does not wan to succeed.
Including his own flesh and blood
A nigger suffers from foot and mouth disease
His mouth is a mile ahead of his brain
A nigger has two faces
He smiles in a persons face by morning
By midnight he stabs that being in the back
A nigger has no principles and little values
A nigger feels the need to contradict others
Including himself at times
A nigger cannot move forward because he's always thinking
Of his faux glorious past
A nigger has very little patience
He cannot accept change
He cannot forgive without some sort of compromise
A nigger has no knowledge of himself
His lack of self fails to provide him with
The luxury of acknowledging the degree
Which blind narcissism has staunched his growth
A nigger is in a state of arrested development
A nigger is a backslider who attends church
To show off his designer suits or new crown
A nigger sees his ignorance as a red badge of courage
Intelligence is accepting the notions of European
Dominance, thus becoming a sellout or uncle Tom
A nigger will disguise his intelligence in order to fit in
A nigger believes in irresponsibility
He refuses to take responsibility
For his words, actions and choices
A nigger would rather take the road less traveled
Even if it involves placing his own head in the noose
A nigger sees crime as a way out
Rather than an endless fall of dominoes
A nigger is reactionary
A nigger lives beyond his means
He must always keep up with the Jones'
Even if it means accumulating debt
which he would never pay off
In his lifetime
A nigger fails to take his destiny in his hand
A nigger will have a child out of wedlock
Just to acquire a welfare check
And a food stamp card
A nigger will succumb to multiple abortions
And sterilization just to avoid losing such gains
A nigger will grow to resent that child
Leading to the race problems of the day
A nigger is a tool of the oppressor
To a nigger the end justifies the mean
Living day to day is his only reality
It's better to be a stereotype
In a mansion
Than a pauper in rags
With dignity
Not all of us are niggers
We are men
We are women
We are descendents of royalty
Founders of civilization
Now that you know
Let that word die
Its power is dead

Nigger Personality Disorder (NPD) by Rodney Russ

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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