Letter to Mr. President

by Rodney Russ

"Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, 
whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, 
and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say 
he deems it necessary for such a purpose—
and you allow him to make war at pleasure.”

Abraham Lincoln

Mr. President, our national security strategy is a sham
Not only is it poor, neoconservative philosophically 
Grounded in skepticism and impatience
It makes America weaker and more vulnerable
International law to you Mr. President is like toilet paper
It doesn't supply a permanent solution to a reoccurring problem
It only cleans up the mess
Weapons of mass destruction only existed 
In a fictional world created by your sharks of the sea 
Mr. President, you are not committed to victory
Your Iraqi policy is a stubborn negotiated confederation
Of lies, a prioritized preemptive doctrine of folly.
Iraq is time consuming continuum an imperfect institution
Now led by army divisions, corporations, and transitional
Puppet Theatre actors posing as leaders.

A unitary and democratic Iraq is a pipe dream
Thought up by unreasonable 
Neocons out to con America out of its security blanket
Iraq, a diplomatic donnybrook in the making with no end in site.
Iraq has spent out of control like an
Oversized My Lai Massacre
Preemptive war waged on a third world pimp like Saddam Hussein 
Was ill advised.
Cooler heads should have prevailed at the end of the day
Repercussions will be felt for generations to come
There is no post war scenario 
Only a dark prism, a last resort
Fifth touring, tired soldiers doing the soldierly thing
Neocons Arabism foot draggers begging the state department 
For a forgone conclusion

Mr. President, our trusted and beloved commander in chief
You have placed American troops 
In a hostile environment 
Without the aid of a postwar plan
There souls are undermined
There hearts are crippled
The result of your fig leaf ideas
Iraq will never be a secure country
Just a faux multicultural democracy led by corporate contractors
And political cronies; a place of political disagreement
The Sunni, Arab, Kurd, and Shia are nothing more
Than a coalition of Anti-Ballistic missiles
Who will never agree on a location to strike
Or a peace process; only triumph or tragedy
Though outgunned, The Iraqi insurgence will continue to gain ground

Mr. President if you truly are Christian
Ask God's forgiveness for the manipulated intelligence
Going to war on false pretenses
And creating a Machiavellian nation security meltdown.
Ask God's forgiveness for your hotheaded Texan narcissistic Roy Rogers
Meets John Wayne True Grit, Hondo bravado no nothingness, 
thinking with your balls and not your brain reasoning. 
Mr. President, refuse to fire out anymore ideological distortions, 
more sanctioned brutality. 
We are not the Holy Roman Empire.
Stop listening to the Jerry Farwell's of the world
Let their ideology and hypocrisy rest in hell with them.
By supreme irony and unreasonable hope we must move forward
With analytical eyes. Let us put an end to journalistic lynching
Media illiteracy, no child left behind but poor black ones
Say goodbye to Rumsfeld's council of wise men
Made up of brutal dictators, wealthy corporations, central bankers,
Manuel Noriega double cross Regan economics, tax cuts for the rich
Guantanomo Bay hinders domestic order
The USA patriot act pisses on the comfort zone of human rights

Mr. President, we're dismantling affirmative action with pro-life
Language of suburban pro choice republicans, white haired, white skinned
Bosses catering republican party rhetoric
Mr. President if you haven't noticed the horns growing out of his skull
Dick Chaney is Satan himself
Chaney, a dysfunctional digital camera, a far right in the night conservative detention
Center, an ideological camp of fiscal irresponsibility, arrogance and cynical
Politics. Chaney an inhuman war hawk. A bald eagle with
The testicles of Salome and the heart of a corpse which died of suffocation by blanket

Mr. President, traditional civil liberties are now issued with torture warrants 
While the Geneva convention passes out renewed license
Of torture leaving the brand of LBJ on the carcass
Out of control spending now supports
Ideological death camps
With no moral purpose other than
Fiscal irresponsibility 
The economic super power of fad economics has demanded 
Tax cuts for the rich
Corporate welfare for Wal-Mart, Exxon, General Motors, 
Halliburton and the rest of the smartest guys in the room.

Mr. President, you have become politically untouchable
The great American liberator with whatever it takes
Ideological excess and inhuman treatment in your soul
A global law enforcer with the blood of civilian death camps, collateral killing
Abu Ghraib, a war crime of disposable corpses, skulls and bones
A traffic violation of detainees, explosions of outrage

Mr. President you are the bastard son of Benedict Arnold
You called for the outright execution of the constitution 
You took a crap on your traditional conservative base
The Red Cross of free market ideologue social conservatism is dead
In comes Mikhail Gorbachev philosophical cynical political 
Massive subsidies of a poor and unbalanced budget and reactionary agenda
Not called out because they control the media
We are now a fascist state ruled by a dead puppet.

Mr. President, it's now dog eat dog politics 
Effective energy plans are now considered cynical
Politics, the breaking of the mind, body and spirit.
An insurgency of Falluja and its uprisings
Prison torture, missing corpses, Sunni and Shiite lack of brotherhood 
All in the name of a balanced world
National motifs of allegiance plague the airways
The empire of good has triumphed over the evils of this world
Rest in peace compassionate conservatism
In comes tax cuts, small government, balanced budget, government subsidies for 
Billion dollar corporations

Large scale ethnic cleansing of all the axis of evils
Let the rape and torture of the middle east continue into the twenty second century

Fiscal responsibility is a thing of the past
Death in the name of civilization is the order of the day
Mr. President, we have burned down the Garden of Eden
All that remains is the corpse.

Letter to Mr. President by Rodney Russ

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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