by Rossi

I miss seeing your brown eyes dance 
when I enter the room.
I miss your gentle touch 
against caramel my skin.
I miss the way 
Your soft peck of a kiss feels - 
So full of passion.

No longer does your ebony face 
break into smiles
When seeing me awake each morning
And when I lie down to sleep.
I am lucky if you stay awake 
Long enough for me
To enter the room.
And when you do
Not a word leaves your beautiful lips.

How I long to hear 
Those sensual spontaneous words
I love you.
What I hear
Is only exasperation 
And irritation.
As if I were a gnat disturbing a calm evening.

No longer do you talk to me
Just to say hello.
Never have time for just two.
Always have time for hundreds.
I express my thoughts only 
To have them dismissed.
Each time I reach out
A piece of me is 
Chipped away.

All signs are telling me that I
only play one role in your life.
Mother -- caretaker of our child.
Nothing more.

I miss your eyes dancing 
when I enter I room.

I miss you.
I don't know which is worse
The pain of missing you
Or the pain from realizing
That you
Don't miss me.

Senses by Rossi

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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