Mission (a rap)

by Michael Rodriguez

I'm on a mission
on my brow perspiration
my target is a female, any persuasion
slip on my gloves, pull on my mask
black suit is my armor, now on to the task
there she is, I see much potential
head tipped to the side, she seems very sensual
she doesn't know me, I walk swiftly behind her
should I bash in her skull or should I be kinder
I think I'll wait to see what happens
if I read her close I might read her reaction 
slip a hand on her mouth, one on her neck
tine to get busy, time to get sex
grab tight; force her to the ground
grip tight on her mouth try to muffle the sounds
now I become intense
I'm being guided by a force; a sixth sense
intense savagery
this consumes me
I'm looking for release, something to move me
now my mind runs rampade
someone inside of me loves this damage
I want to rip; cause total destruction
I see the fear in her eyes in my mind:an eruption
I see her agony
asking herself how could his happen to me?
Her cries are silent but in her mind she's screaming
her image of me is non-human; I'm a demon
but I love this, every minute
cause not only am I running this I'm up in it
some criticize claiming I have sinned
but now I have power I control her every whim
this is my purpose; my goal until the end.

Mission (a rap) by Michael Rodriguez

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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