Red She-Devil

by Robin Price

Hot powered as an Indy 500 racecar.
This ride never stops
Wild and turned on by the desire to please,
She finds a thrill with only one species…man.
Hunger is uncontrollable,
And passion is almost sadistic.
Don't deny if on a dark night 
You feel the fire inside and fein to be 
You have the fever and the only way to 
Get rid of it is to surrender.
Her crimson glow stands out amongst the rest who dare not
Tamper with her erotic instincts.
She lets you be in control for 
Awhile…she's only being 
You become an insomnia 
Case when she's done with you
Unable to sleep
For fear she may disturb
Your sexual senses
Like a thief in the 
Night she creeps
While you 
Your every fantasy comes
To life,
So don't deny
This devils on the 
The intoxicating roughly
Seducing scent of her
You can't rid yourself
Beauty and dominance
Packaged in a sexy,
Shapely well-kept frame
You can not resist.
Hips moving from side to side,
Your eyes so wide.
Following them, like you
Want to grab'em.
Smiling seductively
She waltzes to your side
Anxious for you to feel the 
Her heat pulsates your
And you're deeply in a trance
That you can not get out of.
She got your body and your mind,
Intertwined in a bind.
Her demeanor is above the average level,
So don't be afraid of
This Red She-Devil.

Red She-Devil by Robin Price

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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