Part II: Still No Love for Ya

by Robin Price

My life has gone on since I made that last mistake
Being your woman.
My world is no longer your world,
I sit back and endure the pleasures I was meant to enjoy,
While not tripping off the 50 calls a week you make to my house.
You said I would come running backů
Wrong as usual!
You were such a lie,
Like that fake ass Rolex around your wrist,
Yeah I'll admit I was in love with you,
"Once Upon a Time"
You had me on cloud nine heading straight to ten,
But I dismissed what we had for good
And allowed a new love to begin.
My feet are stepping to a new beat, 
A tall, dark skin, clean cut
Medium build and because he knows
How good he looks, he doesn't spend
Hours gazing at himself in the mirror, but
Gazes at his caramel beauty standing before him.
His hands that seem to admire every part of me, console me when 
I'm in need and mend my broken heart when it bleeds.
When this brother cleans house,
he never misses a spot (if you know what I mean)
I know you're saying to yourself "I cleaned house with no problem,"
I wish I could concur,
but you left spots that not even Mr. Clean could handle.
However, that might have been my fault,
I should have enrolled you in a crash course on loving
And keeping a good woman,
First thing I'd have told them to teach you is
You have to stroke the mind, not the behind.
When my man greets me, there isn't any nonsense
Surrounded by chaos and words that demean me.
When I roll to his crib, there aren't any pink panties
Size 3 greeting me at the door.
Nothing but respect and honesty graces the man of my dreams,
While you Freddy Krueger keep giving me
Humbleness is what I see in this mans face,
I see you as being materialistic, focusing only on
Things and not your woman who wanted to have your baby.
My baby only fears God, 
So he'll have no problem punishing you if you come knocking
On my door one more time.
I heard you say you were tired of the fast life:
fast women, fast cars, fast money,
I guess that's why you never knew the meaning of taking it nice
And slow.
Well like I said before,
I got no more love for ya,
So marinate your mind with my passionate pieces,
And take notes as I rock the next mans world.

Part II: Still No Love for Ya by Robin Price

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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