The Hands That Binds!

by Robby Williams Sr.

Backed into a corner, filled with anger, as they pace from one side to another.

Donít just walk by you dignified man, 

God is love, and youíre walking away from your brother. 

They come out swinging, but not the way you think they would.

They have it in their hearts to do right, 

but the dignified ones donít think that they could.

Living in the turmoil of lack of hope as they try to walk the straight and narrow. 

Applying for jobs while being frowned upon, 

just look up my brother and keep your eyes on the sparrow. 

Dignified! Dignified! What would you do if the roles were reversed? 

Youíll never know that itís coming, just a little or maybe no time to rehearse. 

Remove your hands and let them go!

You dignified ones behind the mask, trying to hinder their dreams you know we know.

Smiling in their faces while stabbing them in their backs.

We know that you donít want them there, but thatís all right. 

The world loves its own and thatís no lie. Hey, thatís what the Bible say.

We are strong, highly motivated, persistent and the epiphany of positive change. 

Keep moving forward. Yes! We have more to say. 

The Hands That Binds! by Robby Williams Sr.

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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