by Poetry Related

i hope 2 die
cause i cant stand 2 cry
my tears wont fall
if u look in my eyes
youls c the wall
cant feel the pain
the scars remain
dont hurt no more
hearts turn cold
like men in war
i look in the mirror
but i dont see me
i look in the mirror
come ones lookin back at me 
but it aint me i see
i see
i see
eyes colored red
wanna b dead
lips gone numb
feelin dumb
pupils are big
i hear the voices call
pupils are small
i hear them call
they say come to me
take a ride with me
see all the things u wanna see
just close your eyes
forget the lies
forget your cries
now lets fly side by side
come along 4 the ride
lost your pride
lost your mind
nows the time
4 u 2 die

Time by Poetry Related

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