I Remember

by Poetry Related

Distant memories that bring smiles to my face
The times in my life before i was overcome with
Undescribable moments that seem so simple yet
are so significant
I remember when i was young and my mom said i
can be anything i wanna be
But now i know she was wrong 
Cause life aint like a song
I remember when my pops turned his back on me
The first time he said he hated me
The first time he called me a trashy hoe
I remember when my crew dissed me
They all started hatin on me
Cause i wouldnt give them what they wanted
I realized they were just usin me
I remember when he said he loved me
Then walked away from me
Then came back to me
Then lied and cheated on me
I remember the first time he hit me
The pain i felt outside was great
but the pain i felt inside was even greater
I remember the day they stopped caring
That was when it all changed
That was when I got messed up
Cause there wasnt no one to tell me right from wrong
or whats good and whats bad
But to me there was no good or bad
There was just the things i had to do to get by
I had to make my own rules and play my own game
I didnt care who i hurt or who suffered
It was all about gettin to the next day
With more than what i had before
Thats when i started stealin and lyin
Thats when i started sneakin out
Thats when i started runnin from my problems
Thats when i tried to get out
Of so many situations i shouldnt be in
I remember when shit was cool
When i cared about school
I remember when my life changed
And the nightmares came.
Bruises go away but the pain remains the same

I Remember by Poetry Related

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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