by Poetry Related

I know its wrong but i do it any way
i take the pills to waiste the hours away
to get a high that lasts for a few
but when my mind clears all i see is you
i shouldnt do it but how can i stop
the high helps me maintain and take away the pain
its a way for me to escape
get outta my life
and enter a place that isnt filled with strife
but i wish it wasnt this way
i wish i could live without  you
but im addicted to the way you make me feel
your a drug and our connection aint real
but i cant turn away no matter how hard i try
its hurts me so bad all i can do is cry
cause i know your tearin me up inside
and i no longer want you to come along for the ride
but i dont know what to do
my mind is so confused
i know ill quit someday but for now i need you

Addicted by Poetry Related

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