by Kevin Reeves

Is a limitless form of expression
A real time propelling image of art
Captured by the naked eye
Or by technology 
Storing near a century in classic sport memory
Experiencing performances that seem heavenly
Cringing from losses that bring agony
If only for a second
Or maybe a longer time 
Because sport is part of your being
Many are entranced at the first sight and seeing
Little babies that love balls grow up 
wanting to hear calls from the crowd
In an arena seat or 
On the playing surface sweating
Creating poetry of motion and body heat

Impoverished are words that attempt to replay the beauty
The spontaneity of 
One of the greatest creations man has dreamed
An idea that quenches competitive need
A flourishing manifestation spawned from a seed
Planted in the hearts of man kind

Is it the case
That sport can transcend the color of ones face
If only for a moment while on the competitive space
Can we come together blind of stigmatized race
In sport trenches hearts are pure
Passion thrives here ignorance does not endure
Is this why we like to watch—to play
The games that children will take to new heights some day.
Athletes are identifiable because their craft is real
In the heat of battle true emotions are hard to conceal
The true nature of man 
On fields is revealed

Sport by Kevin Reeves

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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