by Kevin Reeves

I have a city mentality
It is not that of skyscrapers and big business
I'm speaking of chocolate reality
Universally chocolate don't rule
Escape to the burbs some bourgeois chocolate feel cool
Future don't look good
Lil chocolates flunk school
Any many of the lil chocolates could taste real sweet
But sadly lil chocolates get melted in the heat
Made chocolates come together
Green helps in stormy weather
But ingredients of chocolate wisdom will work better

Lil chocolates need enrichment
Before they become bitter, 
before they become bent
On pursuing misguided chocolate dreams
How often does it seem
Lil chocolates lose hope
Lil chocolates become mean
Because all they have seen
 Is chocolate melt or chocolate cleaned
From the streets and put in jails
With a lotta chocolate little cream

American Chocolate be real
Milk is a part of you
C'mon American chocolate accept the mix and be strong
Sour milk has been holding chocolate back for too long
Or maybe milk is just in the lead
Because American chocolate forgot we are from the same seed
We melt one another
Hide sugar from each other
American chocolate what happened to brother
What happened to chocolate love
What happened to chocolate's soul
Fist raised in the air when chocolate won the gold
Chocolate you were proud
Chocolate you were loud

I love chocolate
But today chocolates can't understand each other's taste
The result is a lot of chocolate waste
Chocolate be true
It takes courage to recognize the cocoa plant in you
Hey chocolate I like milk too
But lil chocolates need chocolate attention more than milk do

How does that taste?

Chocolate by Kevin Reeves

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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