Divine Consciousness

(Just some freestyle thoughts)

by Rukiya Faizah

What do you call the mentality of a darkened soul
--besides lost?
Do you help your brotha's and sistahs even if the
--is at your cost?
Why do blind men and woman constantly run
--in the wrong direction?
How did we get to the point where we need to carry guns
--for our own protection?
When did it become a denfensive matter for those in
--of higher education?
When can we trust those in power and demolish these
--crooked legislations?

More questions from the mind of a Nubian
More questions from the mind of the divine
     Now I can take you deep or would you rather sleep?
     Well, do as you please but Re'Cole will still speak
     On what it means to be divine-to have a consciousness
     --as deep as mine

***Check this out:

See, I look around at our people as a nation| and see
our misrepresentation| on every t.v. station| I
complain, scream what the fuck| how come our visual
must be stuck| in an ignorant mind state| which cause
me to lash back with hate| it's not our fate| to
become what they mark us| we are a divine people| but
not all divinely conscious| that's the problem| using
the European concept of individualism| some forget the
African concept of community and unity| have we
developed an immunity| what's the deal?| can't you
feel what I say or are you letting my words just pass
you by?|

Am I, am I, am I?
Just wasting my time?
Hell Naw, somebody feels me-even if it's just
one-somebody feels me

My mind tends to jump from subject to subject
There's so many things in the world to which I must
That's okay though because I am Sistah Rukiya Faizah
I am confident in where I stand
--Put on this earth to serve God's master plan

The way I see it everything comes in cycles-which are
the cycles of completion
      *Father, Son, & Holy Ghost = (spiritual foundation)
      *Birth, Life, & Death = (physical foundation)
      *Man, Woman, & Child  = (emotional foundation)
      *Knowledge, Wisdom, & Understanding = (mental
Together these four cycles (each presenting 90 degrees)
Form my level of divine consciousnesss
Which basically breaks down to knowledge of self
Being secure in my Black womanhood and knowing
--that  because the Divine made me in the Divine's
--that I too, am divine

Can you feel that?
Divine Consciousness baby,
Now ask yourself who you are

Divine Consciousness by Rukiya Faizah

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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