Conscious Flow #2

by Rukiya Faizah

the truth must be known
the truths they try to hide ~ keep from being shown 
see, my history in America
is what i consider part of the foundation to this damn land
you can't neglect hundreds of years of struggle
for the freedom & equality of woman & man
i need you to make me understand
why you keep the depth of our benefactions
to society silenced in schools
hell, when we finally graduate
we're still uneducated fools ~ and that ain't cool

you try to hide our past so you can ride our ass into ignorance

i've got my mind made up and set on moving beyond your inadequacies 
to gain knowledge
knowledge that I can accept as truth 
historical realness in all its factualities
not the watered down bull that you present to me
when you do make what little attempt that you do
fuck you ~ that's straight from the heart
so i start educating myself
cause the lies that you teach destroys my mental health
i'll never let go of slavery & oppression because...
memory = a powerful weapon
we can never forget where we've been as i've stated before 
otherwise, history will be repeated & my people will not take no more
we've taken enough & that's still not enough said
Revolutionize the way we learn ~ THE AMERICAN SCHOOL SYSTEM IS DEAD!

Conscious Flow #2 by Rukiya Faizah

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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