Conscious Flow #1

by Rukiya Faizah

puerile and in denial
you proceed
without taking heed
to the seeds that
were planted by black souls
stolen from African soil
sold on auction blocks
chained and locked
“government approved”
removed from all we were
and branded as slaves

for hundreds of years
black blood, black sweat, black tears
helped conquer all our fears of 
despite the mystery of our history
we are in a race against time
to find our rightful place
in the land we constructed
our history you abducted
strictly for the benefits of you
but you can never take
our hopes, our dreams, our love, our strength
or the faith that will see us through

illogically believing
consciously deceiving 
your own mind
making yourself blind to societal ills
what kills
me mostly is that
this land is s’pose to be 
the domicile of the brave and free
we ain’t free
we’re still slaves
economically, politically, socially
so why should I sing the national anthem
when it’s str8 contradictory
and it doesn’t even pertain to me

I face a personal, ethical dilemma
of saluting the flag
how can I acknowledge
something that I don’t even believe in
here I am persecuted for the color 
of my fuckin’ skin
19 yrs old---been harassed by the5-0 
who don’t seem to know
that there is more to me than 
the clothes that clothe me
I figure
my bank account would be bigger
if I had a dime for each time
i’ve been called a NIGGER
I continue to feel the aftermath of
the mental and verbal triggers that
are pointed str8 to the dome
how can I call Ameri-K-K-K home?

my heart and conscious wont allow that

Conscious Flow #1 by Rukiya Faizah

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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