Black Butterfly

by RuKiya FAizah (RaZina)

young, black butterfly
...singled out and ridiculed
because of my *kinky* hair
thick thighs, and slanted eyes 
because I am quite shy
and would rather let my emotions
spill out onto the page 
than make my life a stage
for your amusement

because I don`t fit your definition
of womanhood
whatever that means
because I thought that only I
had the capability to define me

because I won`t let you mold me
and I walk around like nothing`s wrong
but at the same time, everything`s wrong
and I`m too complex for you to dig
so you`d rather hate me and judge me
than discover how to love me

because I realize that
most of my memories are filled w/pain
nights and days where my face was tear stained
and alive was the last thing that I wanted to be 
but after much needed reflections
and consciously made redirections
...even though my face may be bare
...even though I have *kinky* hair
thick thighs and slanted eyes
~I love being the Black Butterfly
...and even though I may not fit your ideal of beauty...
I still love me
and for every one of you who hates me
there`s someone who needs me
and for every one of you who have nothing
to do but judge me
I`m glad to know that I`m on your mind
see, what you have to realize
is that no matter how hard you may knock me down
this Black butterfly 
will always find a way to rise
this Black butterflywill fly 

Black Butterfly by RuKiya FAizah (RaZina)

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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