by Realizm

Hello, Excuse me young lady
Is this seat next to you taken?
Did you sit in this corner to be alone?
Is there a problem that i'm making?
I'm in baggy jeans and construction boots
an you're dressed for success
I know my appearance alone
is making it hard for me to impress
You might not have seen me before
but your face I know too well
I've always wanted to introduce myself
but i've just been trapped in this shell
I see you get on and off the train
you always sit way in the back 
I see you bopping your head to your music
but I just didn't know how I should react
Should I have just approached you like....
"Excuse me gorgeous, what's your name"?
I know you probably get that all day
I knew you'd reject that lame game
I'm not a stalker or anything
but with your presence i'm in love
I have no idea where it came from
or any idea what it consists of
I just wanna own your heart
I have the patience and the care
I possess the warmth and desire
to ease all tensions and any fear
I wanna be your love donor
I wanna give for the cause
I wanna donate my body
mind and soul onto yours
Why are you smiling and laughing?
which one i'm crazy or insane
Was it wrong for me to let out my feelings?
Should I have just kept this stress on my brain?
I just wanted to let you know ....
That visions of you have been controlling my mind
That I want my heart to touch yours
For reasons i'm still trying to find
I know your stop is Church avenue
and my stop is the last
At least I know you're feeling what i'm saying
Cause that's your stop that we just passed  :)

Y U by Realizm

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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