No Luv 4 Me

by Realizm

I'm hurt and bleeding internally
Was hot, then warm now i'm cold
My mind is worn out and beaten
My body feels a hundred years old
Too weak to hold a cup of tea
Too depressed to even think of the past
Tears slowly run down my cheek to the floor
I ask myself how long can it last
How did I get myself in this position
Did I choose it, don't remember getting a choice
Was I supposed to listen for "How To"  instructions
That's funny don't remember hearing a voice
Everytime I walk to the edge of that roof
Everytime I load the clips to that gun
I stop and ask the lord for forgiveness
For any wrongs that I may have done
I've tried to reach my arm out to others
But they all seem to pull back their hand
Doesn't anyone have love to donate to me
How much longer can anyone stand 
I have a degree in Computer Programming
and currently make eighty-thousand a year
But sometimes you need to be loved and be held
Sometimes you need love that'll be there
Just can't take it no more, I'm going for sure
Gonna give myself and end all the pain
Left this letter aside so everyone will understand
I'm on the tracks and here comes the train

No Luv 4 Me by Realizm

© Copyright2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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