Mental Massage

by Realizm

Your tired wanting body lay down before me
Weary, wore down, tiresome and thoroughly beat
Your naked body broken down from all the rough days
Tricked by life's turmoil and desperately needing a treat

I walk over to the light control
Dimming the lights slowly leaving only a hint
The background softly plays all the best's of Sade's
The room touched with a strawberry and cream scent

I make way onto the bed where you lay
With a bottle of warm massage oil in hand
No time for play or even a word to say
Because your heavenly sore body is in demand

Looking down upon your sprawled body
The intense visuals shoot daggers through my heart
Your complexion blends perfectly with the cream silk sheets
Looking like a finely sculpted work of art.

Me dressed in only a pair of silk boxers
Brown in color with cream polka dots
My shining muscular body climbs slowly above yours
Oiled head to toe with no missing spots

As I slowly drip the oil onto your body
You deeply exhale from the warm appealing feeling
My hands gently rubs the love potion in circular motion
Your body writhes from the intense sensual healing

Rhythmic maneuvers as you purr like a feline
Shoulders, back, butt, feet, calves and thighs
On your skin every now and then I plant a soft kiss
Your body is becoming too much for my eyes

After stirring the medicine deep into your soul
I reach to the foot of the bed and grab the sheet
A gentle kiss on the forehead and then tuck you in
Lying peacefully with a smile you fall asleep.

Mental Massage by Realizm

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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