Understanding For A Lifetime

by Realizm

I don't understand why the black man is stuck with a bad name
But never seems to give up and put their head down in shame
The black woman is so strong, so able, so beautiful and so true
No wonder why the black man tries to make sure he has two
I don't know why good is known as day and bad is known as night
Yet night is the scene where romance seems to really reach it's height
People bragging about taking lovers from another, knowing they don't want the same.
Then they complain when cheating begins and they actually started the game.
I don't understand why people tell a list of requirements of what they need in a mate.
Knowing damn well that person will change and try to be that person you create.
You should just take the person for who they are, who they were on that first date.
Then you won't have to complain when they turn to horrible from great.
I now understand why romance is a must and how hard true love is to find.
I now understand how sensual a kiss can be and your soul mate isn't simply someone who is attractive and kind.
Why do people let cheaters back into a life with them they should end.
They know trash is supposed to be thrown out, not to be recycled again.
I don't understand why people stay in relationships with people they say they'll never marry.
Knowing no vows will ever be exchanged, knowing their name they'll never carry.
I don't understand why a beautiful smile just simply melts me away.
Why it gives me that feeling inside, Why it leads my mind astray.
I understand life through experiences, some good and some bad.
So don't complain about mistakes, you just prevented a future one you might have had.

Understanding For A Lifetime by Realizm

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