Right Do Right Woman

by Realizm

I need a right do right woman
one who knows how to succeed
someone who is stable and patient
not one who is all about speed
One I can walk with in summer rain
One I can lay with on the beach
One I can keep warm in winter
One who can touch my heart when out of reach
I learned that maturity doesn't always come with age
I learned how to look deeper than breasts and thighs
I learned that satisfaction doesn't grow on trees
I learned I can't learn from just my eyes
I learned that your match doesn't mean your mate
I learned that your mate doesn't mean your match
I learned that true relationships are started
when your mind and your souls attach
Wanna give you everything you deserve
So come on please keep it real
I don't wanna hear you say it
Let your mind and soul tell me how you really feel. 

Right Do Right Woman by Realizm

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