by Realizm

Part I - The Anticipation

I anticipated that very moment
And not a moment too soon
As her head peeked from aroud the wall
Just before she stepped into the room

Her eyes filled with anticipation
As her hair gently dripped
Her gorgeous caramel brown complexion
Her juicy full luscious lips

She stuck her leg out thigh high
And my heart just skipped a beat
I told her to stop playing with me
Cause i'm about to get out of this seat

As she finally came from behind that wall
I stepped forward to get a closer look
Water raced through the curves of her body
As my head in disbelievement just shook

I couldn't take anymore of this temptation
So I grabbed her close and planted a kiss
While massaging her hair with my fingers
Our lips slowly took us into eternal bliss

Part II - The Engagement

Our echoes of love rang through the room
We both really enjoyed that song
And the way the night was playing on
We had plans of going all night long

My hotness snuggled tightly in her warmth
Each push bringing nail marks to my back
Her eyes stayed tightly closed while she cursed
No desirement or passion did any of this lack

As the night intensly grew longer
I whispered "I Love You" so she could hear
She moaned back "I.. l-love you.. t-too"
And after that down her face chased a tear

Our tongues locked in a wrestling match
Sweat and humidity filled the entire room
With our bodies starting to tremble feverishly
I knew we'd soon be meeting our doom

Oh my gods' and Oh yeah right theres'
Helped to bring on the hotter weather
Our bodies finally gave into each other 
As we both reached extasy TOGETHER!

Anticipation by Realizm

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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