To Be a Poet

by Realizm

I've always wanted to be a poet
Innovative, free-spirited and optimistic
I've always wanted to be a poet
Mellow, kinky haired and futuristic
One that doesn't look at the sky
But gazes into it and gets dreamy
Waves of navy and baby blues
Vibrant whites all way to creamy
One that recites rhythmic routines 
Right off the top of their head
Getting methodical yet logical
With whatever is being said
One that yearns for the yesteryears
As well as the tomorrows that follow after
One that embodies the times of sorrow
And captures moments that capture laughter
Silky smooth as a baby's bottom
Versatile and volatile
Octaves screaming high and dipping low
Maintaining composure all the while
Envisioning all the mellow in the yellows
The burnt baked brown in the brick of red
The moody ways of the shades of gray
The beauty in life and the life in dead
I've always wanted to be a poet
I've always wanted to write
I've always oozed originality
I've always wanted to recite
A poet born to understand
A poet born with a pen in hand
A poet born with a master plan
A master plan
To Be A Poet.

To Be a Poet by Realizm

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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