Welfare: Family Division

by Raphael

 The purpose of any system reflects the state of mind the creater
 was n
Offering help with an undertone of hinderence; 
back handed compliments to the 1 u call friend

Disreguarding the color of skin, whats the true meaning of
Mind, body&soul I'll show u there definition of

We use to be Kings & Queens 2 royalty we
r descendents 
Self reliant, now the system has made our sistas

Where the darkness is its suppose 2 b giving us
a spark
Let's open our eyes the system u rely on is rippin 
us apart

Even if the father's there and the family still 
Takin half his check aint gone make him do much more
other then hitten the block to hustle

It dosen't matter if there's love there n how long
u knew him
If u want that assistance no matter what there still
goin 2 make u sue him

They reward laziness n baby makin by being quick 2
give her checks
Next thing u know babies # 2,3,& 4, just to get even
bigger checks

Please sistas WAKE UP, lets break the curse that depends
on immorality 4 wealth
When u can have a healthy family n get that paper

B 4 u make the decision to plead ignorant, u need
2 liston
Can't nobody keep u down unless u give them

Uncover the truth as we now know it's 
a given
WELFARE means just what 1 of its components say:

Welfare: Family Division by Raphael

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