Annointed: Agape Love

by Raphael

I touch the heavens with a love
so deep
U give my lungs the rhythm it takes 4 me to breathe
while I lay sleep

U do 4 me what others can't or
U make love 2 my spirit and show love that has no

U let your presence b known, I can feel
your annointing

With people pointing, seeing the blessing of 
determination as a flaw
Let them stand in awww 4 they know not the fruit 
bearing obligations of your laws

The apple dosen't fall far from
the tree
If Jesus wasn't poor Y should I have 
2 b

Jesus had a treasurer who was a thief n he had 
a home
Y can't I have an accountant who does my taxes 
through us chirpin wit a Nextel phone

Don't they understand what livin better
Its the flesh that makes us accept average, 
the spirit never does

If Jesus would have listened 2 his
We would all be doomed 2 hell never 2 b 
heavenly blessed

4 this I make u my greatest
2 b above my mother, my brother, 
& including the heart beat of my
own significant other

Greatest is he who is n me what is now 
could never b a "was"
Thank u for the understanding of your laws as 1 of 
your Annointed:Agape Love 

Annointed: Agape Love by Raphael

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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