Half Blacks in London

by Rain

I read an interesting article in the papers the other day,
something interesting I would say, in a sad sort of way.
I know there is racism all over the world,
but now it's affecting the 1/2 blacks in other parts of the world.
This group from the Middle East, now living in Britain, 
are having a serious problem with labeling and identity.
Britain does not know how to classify the 1/2 blacks.
They even went to London to get answers from the Queen!
In Britain as elsewhere in the country,
you are either Black or White, regardless of your culture.
Britain has no concept of being 1/2 Black or 1/2 White.
This vital point is important, so please keep it in mind!
Race is a social assumption that affects
half black and half white sisters and brothers.

Half Blacks in London by Rain

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