Queen's Dream Part 2

by Queen Unique

Let us not continue to replicate and wallow in despair
But inhale positive vibes and exhale care and repair
It is obvious that what we are doing is not working
What goes around comes around that’s why our people are still hurting
Even as we face the tragedies today and difficulties of tomorrow I continue to dream
Fantasize, pray and envision a place where life holds more than the naked eye can see
This is our hope, the faith that shall begin in the south and unfold 
We are the eye on the stove, bringing to a boil all that we hold
With this faith, we will change the worse for the better, repair the broken and old
Blend the chips, nicks and pieces into twenty-four karat gold
With this faith, we will work, pray, struggle and strive
Appreciate what we have and keep our heritage alive
Keep our roots nourished and our youth flourished
Restore our faith in God and gain a brand new courage
This will be the day when all God’s children are singing
Hand in hand as one with a whole new meaning

You see, I have a dream too…
I have a dream that one day freedom shall begin in my city and spread through the state
Break the levees of this box that we are trapped in and wash away all the hate
Kill it with kindness and swelter with integrity
Come and rip us all free of this tangled web that we weave
I have a dream that one day the system will assist and not possess
And those who need it will only use it to temporarily progress
I have a dream that my two daughters shall continue to receive
The best education available for their career needs
Parallel to other countries where big books 
Are superior to good looks

I thrive from faith, prayer and dreams
Listen closely and I’ll tell you what these mean
Faith keeps us alive
Prayer helps us to survive 
And dreams make us strive
But we cannot walk alone and we cannot turn back
They can burn a cross but the passion of power, they cannot burn that
I know I am ready, are you?
I’m strong alone but much more power is in a dozen than one or two
It is due time for a solution, a revolution 
For us to man up and stand up because me…
You’ll NEVER catch me with my hands up
My hands up…they want me with my hands up but I don’t think so
Unless it’s a fist though

I refuse to subject myself to a stereotype 
That I am very much like 
The opposite of!
I’m well aware of my history and roots
And you should be too
Don’t get so caught up today 
In what the news portrays 
Like the fact that we’ve been fighting a war so long
That we’ve forgotten what we’ve been fighting for!  
Anchor babies and welfare fraud
And the president’s fake façade
So tell me, who will save your soul from the lies you told?
Using the kids’ welfare money to buy name brand clothes
We’re focused on fashion and vanity instead of humanity
And maintaining our family’s sanity
We worry about a nail chippin’ & candy paints drippin’ in the USA today
But some worry about their skin rippin’& bombs tickin’taking their lives away
Isn’t it ironic?!
We give our kids Hooked on Phonics
While other countries teach their children to build electronics!
Selling ourselves short but have the nerve to get angry
FOCUS, my people!  You can’t see if you can’t dream!

Turn on the TV and what do you see?
Rap music and women flaunting sacred sexualities
Got our young queens dropping their panties all the time
At the drop of a line or the drop of a dime
As if digging for gold is really top of the line
Or what makes them that piece of a dime
But with the example we set, where is their piece of mind?
Can we put chicks that rock ‘fros on every station
So that our children are proud of their origin nation?
Let them see who they are, how they look and where their roots began
Because if the Queen ruled the world, I’d take it back to the motherland
Put it in God’s hands because He does what no other can
Teach our youth the truth and the difference between right and wrong
So we can get a point across without dropping bars on a rap song
Our young kings are leaving descendents of their manhood 
At every extension of their manhood
We threw in the towel but have the nerve to call them no damn good!
Fatherless daughters seeing reflections of many men in her tears but not of her own father
Generational curses MUST be broken but most of us just won’t bother
Like father like son, like mother like daughter
They say the apple don’t fall too far from the tree
But Adam and Eve
Made me believe
That apples ain’t always good for me…

Queen's Dream Part 2 by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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