Where is MY Black Man?!

by Queen Unique

Where is MY black man?!! Where is MY black man?!!
Living his life like a broken record making the same mistakes
Scarred in a world of perfect resumes so he got to get it his way
His life hidden between the cracks in iron bars
The sky's limit is lost behind silent stars
The shine in his eyes dimmed by barbed wire and brick walls
His strength has been crippled from taking so many falls
His legacy lives within the seeds he laid
Just to nurture their needs this was the price he paid
Now he no longer counts tiny toes and footsteps, just months and years
Sucked dry by inevitable fate so he cries steam for tears
He didn't know how so he was just…trying…to be…a Dad
And then they wonder why we're always so DAMNED mad
He couldn't do what he wanted so he did what he could
Cause his baby sleeping with a full stomach made him feel so good
Or he sleeps in mama basement unable to rise to the occasion
He's got a master plan but the world is way too damned impatient
Or he's captivated with the lives of false bling, flossy things
Hypnotized by fancy cars, chains and glossy rings
Getting high off his own supply or the swig off a bottle
Trying to escape manhood cause he can't raise his son or daughter
Or he was apprehended for clown crime
Now he's serving over-extended down time
But for my brown mankind 
I'm holding their crown sublime!!
Though in the US his life is like the sound of a mime...sssshhhhhh...
The government is subjugating and baiting
This "land of the free" is incarcerating
While claiming to be emancipating
The bills were accelerating
The alternatives were constipating
So my black men began acclimating and participating
Now children and mothers are waiting…
You see, they could be baiting…
Those who prey on our kids and virgins
Forcing entry into their bodies like merciless surgeons
But they'd rather get Tyrone for hustlin on the block
When he ain't usin no force, they just choose to flock 
The U.S. could use the money spent on detectives and convictions
To put drug abusers into programs to overcome their addictions
The U.S. could use our taxes to entrap the ones who smuggle it in
But that means too many vacancies in the government
My black men servin' time for crimes they didn't even do
10 years late their innocence is proven and all they say is…"OOPS"?!??!?!?
My black man's soul was fading so I sent him this in jail
So you…yeah you…"screening" this mail…
You can GO TO HELL!!!
Bars don't reform black men, we were born into captivity!!!!
He believes productivity 
Through sexual activity 
Is the only way to escape the negativity
But what if he 
Contracts HIV
And cries to the skies..."God, this can't be!!!!"
While they got you thinkin that shit came from a gay chimpanzee!
His body filled with hunger, melanin, boiling blood and hate
So Grim Reaper, Murphy's Law and Willie Lynch predict our fate
As the black woman and her children wade in the water
With no husbands, fathers, kings or brothers
Struggling to withstand 
The sick plan 
Of quicksand
Head back mouth wide and screaming to the shadows between earth and land…
Where is MY black man?!! Where is MY black man?!!

Where is MY Black Man?! by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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