by Queen Unique

I am not the enemy 
But so many...
See me as such
I cannot be transferred by something as simple as touch
I did not ask to be here or inhabit so many beings
Can't even comprehend why so many people still aren't believing
They spoke of me in Revelations; I'm all over your T.V. too
Skin sores and weight loss are only minor things you see me do
Many are fooled so easily so I fester in those with beauty
Men with chiseled muscles and women with pretty round booties
I'm in churches, schools, grocery stores, clubs and malls
I transfer just as much in matrimony as I do in random booty calls
They have a cure for me, you see...but your money ainít that long
So I can frolic freely among lower & middle classes on strong
I partner with your blood, sweat and other bodily fluids
These are 70% of a human so it's so simple to do it
Invisible to the naked eye and undetectable to the touch
My best vehicles are drugs & sex since this foolish world loves them so much
I damage your blood cells to weaken your immunity
I can even scare away your family & friends so it's only you & me
I am black, brown and white
I am wrong, I am right
I am day, dawn and night
I am dark, I am light
I am straight, I am gay
Slim or overweight
I am rich, I am poor
And so much more
Though you think you know me...HA! I dare you to settle the score!
I am the seething desperation you find in fool's gold
The weakening sensation that smothers all secrets left untold
I am the shadow of desire, the darkness of your addictions
The yang of all temptations, the foundation of afflictions
The finish line of the race no matter your color, creed or wealth
I exhaust your salvation; I am the footprint of death 
I am not a liar, a thief, criminal or enemy
I am thoroughly exposed to the world but you just can't stay away from me
My biggest adversary is as simple as self-control
But my death toll...
Keeps increasing because your actions still don't change
I am HIV, AIDS...nearly one and the same

I AM by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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