How I Loved You

by Queen Unique

Unending, defending, steadily ascending…
As deep as the ocean and as high as the universe
As solid as concrete, for better or for worse
As hard as steel, the most weather resistance
Indescribably, foreign, infinite and persistent

Unbreakably, unshakably, unmistakably…
I even loved that which I hated about you
Believed in you when the whole world doubted you
Trusted you with my soul, never a second thought
You knew that any time you’d fall, you would always be caught

Unselfishly, blindly, ignorantly, kindly…
Loved your weaknesses enough to make them into mine
When your words were wrong, I would bite my tongue and co-sign
Proudly, undoubtedly, with every pore in my skin
Unbiased, free of strife but full of sacrifice

Incomparably, terribly, irreparably…
Limitless, gimmick-less with utmost respect
Enough to forgive your mistakes and dust off your back
Loved you enough to be your slave
If you passed away, I’d bury my heart in to your grave

Obsessively, possessively, aggressively…
Closed my eyes and played fool, willingly blinded
And anytime you lost you faith, I was the one who would find it
On my hands and knees searching every nook, cranny and crevice
Even if you smiled in the mirror to long, my love would make me jealous

Faithfully, tastefully, gracefully…
Not enough adjectives in language to make you understand 
The way I loved you was unrealistic, unbeknownst to any man
I’d suck the worries from you like a vampire and ingest them into my heart
Connect your ego to my dignity and give you a jumpstart

Diurnally, eternally, nocturnally…
I loved you in ways that you may never know
The way the stars loved twilight, twinkle and glow
The way the sun loved the sky, the way night loved the moon
But I loved you so damn much that I lost you too soon

How I Loved You by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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