Fit the Bill

by Queen Unique

Some call me deep but I just call it real
Iím blessed with a sharp tongue so I say just what I feel
I donít mean to offend you or step on anyoneís toes
But if you canít free your mind, how can you ever change clothes?
I admire achievers, I sympathize with quitters
I even love those who hate me, there's no need to be bitter!
Scraped over hot coals by those who pretended to be friend to me
But I stocked up a few to toss at my enemies 
You cannot rain on my parade; Iím shielded by Godís hand
I accept my every struggle as a part of Godís plan
Wonít see a ďSĒ on my chest because itís carved in my spirit
And my knowledge of His Word will not allow me to fear it
You better step back because positivism is contagious
Otherwise open wide & inhale; these results are outrageous
My aura is undeniable
Because the Word is reliable
My mind and body are as one eternally undividable
Was trying to find my place but I am not designed to fit 
If you subject to a category, you become confined to it
I canít see that at all, like blind men in the dark
If youíre looking for my King, youíll find him in my heart
Heís not a mortal man because we all live in sin
Itís up to us to transform or continue giving in
So Iím changing like the seasons, like the hands on a clock
And my generator is my bible so I can never be stopped!
From 6 BC to AD 33
He was being molded so that He could lead me
Iím following His footsteps; such big shoes to fill
But in the end at the pearly gates, you best believe Iíll fit the bill

Fit the Bill by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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