Deep Inside of Me

by Queen Unique

Looking for inspiration
Searching for motivation
Struggling to keep grasp to my dedication

But my palms are too sweaty
My soul is too heavy
Even my pockets really ainít ready

I got a wallet full of dust and a heart full of faith
Trying to nurture love in a garden full of hate

Trying to keep both feet planted on the right path
Yet Iím naked, barefoot and walking on broken glass

Whispering prayers that blow away in the wind
Planning a solution with no beginning or end

Laughing hysterically
At misery
Screaming at the stars which are blocked by a brick wall

Itís not their fault but I need someone to blame
Broken trust has taught me to treat no one the same

They say the sky ainít a ceiliní
But thatís not what Iím feeliní
Itís like Iím in that same box that ainít used to be so appealiní

Drifting on a cloud but best believe this isnít heaven
Purple smoke and moisture from my tears combine like five and six equals eleven

Canít comprehend alone so I misunderstand
Why Godís plans donít agree with my demands
Why I canít command
Or control my destiny
Choose the angels that guide me and the spirits next to me

Gifted in so many ways but itís a blessing and a curse
Too many talents making life that much worse

So consumed by love and concern for everyone else
That Iíve forgotten how Iím supposed to feel for myself

But now Iím tired, done and finished with it all
No more leaping for someone elseís beckoning call

Waiting patientlyÖtorn, tattered and exhausted
Counting every minute and every dime that this life of mine has costed

Listening for a voice to lure me in the right direction
Striving to reach greatness despite my imperfections

A nick in time that I shall never regret
How can I forget
The storm, heartache, lies and disrespect
Paying the price of love has sent me into emotional debt

Every bit of slack I cut is choking me like a noose
Murphy made it his law so he owes me no excuse

So as I fall to my knees, I give my fate back to you, Dear Lord
They say let go and let God and thatís what youíre here for
To light the path under my feet and lead me near more

To righteousness, virtuosity and blessed tranquility
Fulfillment, peace, success and stability

DEEP INSIDE OF ME there is a single scar
A single tear, a single fear that has built up a brick wall
That my dumb ass decided to finally let fall
But 2007 has been a tough year for us all

Iím gonna be alright, please believe
With no grudges, vengeance or luggage when I leave
Financial and emotional ainít shit without spirituality

When we go home, kneeling before the pearly gates on bended knees
You canít take any of this shit with you; no titles, bankcards or degrees

Just your soul, your heart and the crowns that youíre earned
People are losing their minds all over the world and we still havenít learned

As for me, I Ďm letting go
And getting to know

The meaning of a REAL woman
Christian, mother and Queen of all things meant for meÖAMEN

Deep Inside of Me by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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