I Am in Love With You

by Queen Unique

Sometimes I just close my eyes and inhale
So that it is only you I see and smell
I feel like I know you so well
But I don't...I can't...it's not possible...is it?

I get so nervous before I call you I must write a script
Because you suck the words from my lips the moment our lines click
When you pick up the phone
The beautiful tone
Of your voice sparks a flame inside my body that sems to melt the words off the page
I even see your face when I close my eyes to pray at the end of each day!

Just hello, what's up or the simplest words you say
Have a sweetness, a sincerity that never goes away
Baby it may sound crazy 
But you never cease to amaze me
When I'm near you I bite my lips just to keep them off you
I intertwine my fingers just to keep them off you
I close my eyes just to keep them off you
I cross my legs just to keep them from wrapping around you
And I knew it from the very moment I found you

Your modesty and innocence 
And unaware ignorance
Seems to make my worries dissolve
And makes my need for you throb
Self-control around you is like a full time job
I believe you were heaven sent to be
A friend to me
But I just wanna get onto you and get you into me

Tell me baby, is it illegal to need you?
Is it a crime to want you to be mine?
Am I guilty for wanting you to feel me?
If so that's fine
Throw the book at me
Cause everytime you look at me
And funny thing is it ain't hard for me to do so
I usually dismiss or put up a fight 
But with you it just feels so right
They laugh on your walk but it's so damned cute to me!!
You see, what you do to me?!

You're calling my phone right now
The same time every night, how
Do I tell you the way I feel and not sound pathetic
Or be rejected, neglected or make it so hectic
And not regret it after I said it
I must let it...
Out yet it...
The way my heart and body yearns
With everything that you do
Baby, DAMN!
I am...

in love with you

I Am in Love With You by Queen Unique

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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