by Queen

Sometimes I feel I can't think anymore
but then again, what's the use of thinking
when you're full of anxiety, stress, hurt and bitterness
I take a pen out to write my thoughts
and my mind will not allow me to write negative thoughts or situations
My heart is so sore and it can't heal
I'ts caused by the things that go on in my life
Why the jealous thoughts, the revenge that is so strong in my heart
My tears are no longer shed
I don't want you to know what's wrong 
Half of the time, I don't know
Nothing some drank can't handle
It soothes my mind
Makes me forget how many times I've been hurt
How many times I've loved and never been loved
Makes me feel like everything will be okay for the next couple of hours
Sometimes I feel like my life will never get any better
and I always wonder how it got this low
I might have taken the wrong fork in the road
What I would give to make a u-turn as I write
Maybe I'm so ahead in life, I'm just scared to take the risk
of experiencing what's really going on around me
How do I accept the things I cannot change?
How so I make my life worthwhile?
What do I do to make you want to know what's on mind?
How do I love you the right way?
How do I love myself period?
How do I let you know how I really feel without left feeling left?

Sometimes by Queen

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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