Singin A Prayer

by Queen

When the time is right, 
I pray on my knees every night that you help change the person inside of me, 
sometimes lord it's hard for a black queen to stay on her Q's and P's
All the drama that goes by my mom 
I sit and watch her worried tears fall from her black face, 
dryem for her lord, she has nothing to worry about
Let her sleep peacefully
Remind her she has no enemies

When I get the need to hit the weed, 
best believe it takes me to another world, but no, it's not a fantasy
My thoughts get deeper than a shotgun bullet hole to the head
Brothaz sistaz
It's no that hard to understand
The new thangz I've been through, i would never even wish upon you
Have you ever seen ya homie get beat down by her man
Or how bout a lil shawty get slapped around by their parents hand
What about sittin in a crackhouse all boarded up
Not knowing that your next move could lead you home safely 
or on a hospital bed covered up
I've been in a getaway car with 25-life in my breast
I know what it's like to be scared
It's a hell of a feeling to have hangin over your chest
Every night when I go to bed I ask you lord 
the next day with me you'll do your best

Singin A Prayer by Queen

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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